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Bob & Jaci Schwegler

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(803) 292-4819

Whispering Angels Farm
Specializing in Leonberger & Leonese Breeds

Who could resist a little piece a heaven?


Our Dogs & Available Puppies

About Us
We have been a breeder of Bernese Mountain dogs for over 27 years, and of Leonbergers for 7 years. We have been breeding and training foxhounds and terriers for over 45 years... we've truly had a lifetime of happiness with dogs.

Presently we have two small horse farms, but our emphasis is on our dogs especially when puppies are in our midst. We certainly enjoy breeding fine quality Berners and Leos that meet the breed standards, but more important is that the puppies are totally well socialized. Our best moments are when we see the delight and happiness on the faces of the new owners when they come to pick up their puppies. That sunshine is infectious.

Our Leonese Dogs
You may also want to check out our Leonese breed, a Leonberger-Bernese hybrid. Call us for more information about this new and exciting breed.

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